Top 10 Electric Shavers - Searching For The Perfect Shave Companion

*Updated 5/20/17*

Finding the ideal shaver is no easy task... Balancing your requirements and budget while researching the vast array of options on the market is enough to put you off and continue checking Facebook doing something else! Luckily we have done all the hard work for you and put together a list of the Top 10 Electric Shavers in 2017. 

TOP 10 SHAVERS Reviewed

​With so many different requirements it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why we've looked at a few critical areas when assessing the shavers. 

​From products that give a great close shave, to ones that are more suitable to use with sensitive skin or those who just prefer a more comfortable shave - we have you covered.

Top 5 Electric Shavers:

Shavers NameTypeWet/DryRating 
Braun Series 7 - 790cc (Editors Award)FoilNo98%Check Price
Panasonic Arc 5FoilYes97%Check Price
Braun Series 9 - 9095CCFoilYes91%Check Price
Philips Norelco - 5500RotaryYes83%Check Price
Remington F5-5800FoilNo83%Check Price

Ultimately there's no 'ONE' BEST SHAVER out there, as our faces, skin and requirements are all different. If there were, it would have made researching and writing this guide a lot easier! However with the help of our buyers guide and product reviews, you will be able to make an informed purchase of a razor that suits your needs.

In my opinion the five above are, for most purposes, the five best electric shavers on the market for the majority of people.

However, given the depth of the products available and possible unique requirements (budget/features/travel), there are plenty more options for those that are seeking something slightly cheaper, more portable or highly specific. 

Below is the remainder of the Top 10, with something to suit almost anyone while remaining top quality.

Top 10 Electric Shavers (6-10):

#1 Braun Series 7 - 790cc

This ultra-high performance Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver tops our list of best electric shavers and with good reason. Powered by the intelligent Sonic shaving technology from Braun and 4 shaving elements, the Series 7 is sure to give you the best shave of your life. Although priced pretty high, the features, build quality and overall experience make it worth the investment. 2 Years in and it's still my daily shaver, none of the other options have beaten it out.

- Best Overall Price to Performance Shaver - Editors Award -

Spec overview

  • The Braun 7 Series electric razor for men is built with Braun’s superior shaving technology.
  • Up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute combined with its ActiveLift trimmer and 2X OptiFoil features make sure you get a closer, smoother shave than ever before.

  • The fully pivoting head that is operated by Braun’s MicroMotion and MacroMotion technology allows the shaver to smoothly cover all angles of your face with ease.

  • Its Li-ion battery fully charges in one hour and provides 50 minutes of full performance shaving.

  • It’s advanced clean & charge station allows you to effortlessly clean and dry the shaver at the touch of a button.

  • There is a personalization option that allows you to choose from 3 different shaving modes to suit your facial hair needs. From extra sensitive to intense – choose the option that works best for your beard and skin. You can even switch in the middle of your shave for optimal comfort on your neck and other more sensitive areas.

What Makes It Different?

What makes the Braun Series 7 stand out from its competitors is its superior performance to price ratio. You really do get a lot for your money  and while there is a lot of competition at this upper mid range price point, nothing else beats it as far as a full package offering goes.

NOTE: While it is fully waterproof so you don't have to worry about cleaning it, if you require a Wet & Dry version, for a little extra the Series 7 799c has you covered.

Our Experience

The Braun Series 7 is easy to use and once your skin has adjusted, it provides a very close shave. It is currently my daily driver and the 5 modes certainly come in handy. If my stubble is a few days old, the turbo mode is actually much kinder to my face as it can handle the thickness better than sensitive mode. If I don't miss out a day though I switch back to sensitive.

​The charging/cleaning station isn't portable, as it leaks the razor cleaning fluid when turned on its side. If you think you'll need to charge on a trip though, you can remove the charging cable and use it by itself.

The 790cc's battery life is enough to last you a week’s vacation (or more) though, so no need to worry on most trips even if you don’t bring a charger along.​

The razor also comes with a handy carrying case so you don't damage the foil while transporting it.​


Great performance, a close and smooth shave, easy to clean, durable battery – what else do you need in an electric shaver? The Braun Series 7 is one of those products where it pays to get the best.

98 %
Cut Rating 10/10
Features 9/10
Durability 10/10
Price 9/10

The Good

  • Close Shave
  • Powerful Motor
  • Great Build Quality
  • Great For Sensitive Skin

The Bad

  • Cleaning Fluid Costs Can Add Up Over Time
  • Not Wet & Dry
  • The Pop Out Trimmer is OK, but the one on my old 3 series was actually better - Not a deal breaker though.

#2 Panasonic Arc 5

The runner-up in our list of best electric shavers is Panasonic Arc 5 – the newest, most technologically advanced electric shaver from Panasonic to date. The Arc 5 is purpose built using Panasonic’s Shave Sensor Technology to provide a clean, close and comfortable shave every time.

- Runner Up - Long Battery Life, Very Close Shave -

Spec overview

  • The Panasonic Ar5 electric razor comes with five ultra-thin, ultra-sharp Nanotech blades.

  • It has a responsive Multi-Flex pivoting head and multi-fit outer foil that provide a smooth shaving experience from all angles of the face and neck.

  • The active shaving sensor of the Arc5 is equipped to detect the difference in beard density during operation and adjusts its power flow on-the-go to provide an unmatched beard trimming experience.

  • The flexible micro-foil patterns of the Arc5 razor ensure that no matter how hard, stubborn or uneven the beard may be, you will always come out with a suave, evenly trimmed face.

  • The cordless razor linear motor of the Arc5 rotates the blades at 14,000 cycles per minute giving the characteristic smooth, clean shave of previous Panasonic electric shavers - but with even more power.

  • The Arc 5 is a rechargeable shaver and comes packed with a charging and cleaning station. There is also a very nifty 10-stage LED indicator that displays the battery status so you can know at a glance when to recharge the shaver.

  • ​Cleaning the Panasonic Arc5 is super easy with its unique sonic vibration cleaning mode. There is a cleaning reminder on the shaver display to let you know when a clean is needed. Simply activate the sonic vibration mode and hold the shaver under warm running water to wash away any residual gel or hairs. You can also use the cleaning and charging station to clean, charge and dry the razor automatically.

What Makes It Different?

What makes the Panasonic Arc5 stand out from other electric shavers is its long battery life and ultra-close shaving experience. With the battery lasting up to two weeks with daily use, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better on the market in this price range.

Our Experience

The Arc5 is lightweight which makes it easier to handle than previous models. It charges to 100% in about 30 minutes which is pretty darn fast. An automatic timer shoots off when you start shaving so you can get an idea of how long a shave should last (reducing any chance of irritation). Getting a close shave from the Arc5 is a relatively easy job, especially once you go through the first couple of shaves and get used to shaving with the device.


Lets face it, whether it's cameras or sports teams, we all seem to prefer one "camp" or the other. If you're looking to upgrade or replace an older Panasonic shaver and your budget allows, this is an easy choice and a great recommendation. I haven't personally owned the Arc 5, however my uncle does have it after years of using the Arc 3 and he tells me it was a great choice and worth the money.

97 %
Cut Rating 9/10
Features 10/10
Durability 10/10
Price 8/10

The Good

  • Very Close Shave
  • Long Battery Life
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Quick Charging

The Bad

  • Cleaning fluid costs can be expensive
  • Can take some time to adjust to

#3 Braun Series 9 9095CC

The Braun Series 9 is a top of the line wet and dry foil shaver that arguably provides the best shaving experience. Quality always comes at a price though, which is why the series 9 shaver gets the number 3 spot on our list.

- A Great Shave (Maybe the best) – But at a Price -

Spec overview

The Braun Series 9 shaver boasts a custom built quadruple-action cutting system that allows a comfortable, smooth shave. The Series 9 shaver is built with Braun’s intelligent synchronic technology that delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. This combined with a 10 way flexible cutting element and a pivoting shaving head ensure that you get the finest and most comfortable shave. The 9 Series shaver by Braun is loaded with OptiFoil and Syncrosonic to give you a serious close and quick shave.

  • All Series 9 Shavers are built to last a minimum of 7 years
  • Charging time: 50-60 minutes
  • 50 minutes use from one charge
  • Titanium Coating
  • Travel lock
  • LED display

What Makes It Different?

The Braun 9 9095cc shaver stands out from its competitors as a truly premium product. Coated with titanium, 10 way contour adaption,  Wet & Dry,  Syncrosonic technology (to adjust to the thickness as you shave) and 5 cutting heads, it's a feature packed, fully capable device.

It is the only shaver to have a 5-action charge and clean station. This amazingly advanced support station not only charges the shaver but also allows you to choose a cleaning mode. The cleaning mode cleans the shaver, uses lubricants and then dries it. You might get clean and charge stations for other shavers, but none of them match the customization of this one. 

Our Experience

I've personally owned 4 Braun shavers in the past 6 years. 2 I lost (3+5 Series), 1 I broke and now my current Series 7 and have never had much trouble with them once my skin has adjusted after a couple of days. My father-in-law owns the Series 9 after I recommended it to him. Although it was expensive he says it's the best razor he's ever used and has no regrets over spending so much money.

Why? He came from a Rotary Shaver that was causing In-Grown Hairs and since the switch gets over 90% less. Not just the shaver, but the clean and charge station is best in class.


Braun has really done a great job with this outstanding product. Not so sure about the durability yet as the shaver is only a year old, but lots of love and no complaints from the F-I-L yet. If you can afford the upfront cost, you should be set to enjoy the best electric shaving experience for the next 5-10 years with this one purchase.

91 %
Cut Rating 10/10
Features 10/10
Durability 9/10
Price 6/10

The Good

  • Excellent  Close Shave
  • Very Powerful Motor
  • Great Build Quality
  • Sense Of Luxury
  • Best In Class Cleaning Dock

The Bad

  • Although Very Good -  It Is Expensive
  • Replacing the parts can be costly

#4 Philips Norelco 5500 Wet & Dry

Philips has managed to secure the fourth place in our list of best shavers with their Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 wet and dry. Philips produces the best quality rotary shavers on the market and the 5500 range sits in the middle of the line up, offering a great shaving experience at a reasonable price.

- Best Performance to Value Rotary Shaver -

Spec overview

We all love a turbo charged engine and while not a car, the Norelco certainly has one. "Man like power" says my Neanderthal brain, and I'm pretty sure Philips kept that in mind while designing the Norelco Electric Shaver 5500. The turbo system offers 10% additional power when activated to help take care of the denser areas of your stubble. 

It's not just power though, the 5500 has some fine precision as well. The Multi-precision blade mechanism adjusts the blades according to the hair type and length to give a more efficient shave.

  • A 5-direction flex system for 5-way flexing of the heads

  • Wet and dry shaving

  • Smart click trimmer for precise shaving and trimming of sideburns and mustaches

  • Charge time: 60 minutes

What Makes It Different?

For around a hundred smackeroonies (or just under), the Series 5k comes with an impressive feature list that is normally reserved for the more expensive shavers on our list. MultiPrecision blade system - check. 5-direction flex head - check. "Aquatec" Wet & Dry shaving - check. Precision trimmer - check. LED display - check. 1 hour charging time and that aforementioned turbo system - check... The only thing it doesn't really have is a cleaning station. However for a little extra you can get the Philips Norelco Shaver 5700 which is the same shaver with the added cleaning dock.

Our Experience

So full disclosure here: I got a crappy old rotary shaver when i was 17 and hated it. Thinking back I'm not even sure what brand it was, however it put me off and I've stuck with foil shavers ever since. Luckily I have an unknowing victim in the form of my younger brother who up until now has been a "whatever's cheap and on sale under 25" shaver (i.e 1 travel electric shaver and a constant bic wet razor customer). So I killed 2 birds with one stone and bought him this shaver (without the cleaning station 😉 ) for Christmas.

​He's been unknowingly giving me feedback for this review and he seems to like it a lot. He said (like many of the Amazon reviews) that it took around a week for his face to get used to the shaver, but since then it's been perfect. One thing I will point out though is that if you don't keep on top of your shaving, longer stubble will mean your shave will take significantly longer.


83 %
Cut Rating 7.5/10
Features 9/10
Durability 7/10
Price 9/10

The Good

  • Perfect For Those Who Prefer Rotary Shavers
  • Turbo Mode
  • Wet & Dry Shaving
  • Great features for the price

The Bad

  • Doesn't handle longer stubble particularly quickly
  • The trimmer is a separate attachment

#5 Remington F5-5800

For many, Panasonic, Philips, and Braun are the big names when it comes to shavers. However, Remington has managed a solid 5th spot among the top 10 best electric shavers with the F5-5800 Foil Electric Shaver.

- Foil Value Award -

Spec overview

The F5-5800 shaver by Remington is a bargain. Though it has less features than some of the more expensive shavers on the list, it ultimately is a quality product. The Braun 3040S could be sitting here but this shaver can be found for comparatively less money, making it a better deal.

  • 60-Minute run time providing a good week and half worth of daily shaves from one charge
  • Self-adjusting shaving head that adopt the contours of neck, jawline and chin for a close and balanced shave

  • Intercept Shaving trims longer hairs first before the foils take care of the rest

  • Simply rinse under the tap to clean​

These features might not seem like a great deal compared to competitors in spots 1-4, but for the price they set a high standard.  While it might not be a serious competitor to the feature rich Braun, Philips and Panasonic shavers, it gives them a run for their money when it comes to battery life and charging time. Add to that a good quality shave and you come close to a full house.

What Makes It Different?

A great price, with a good quality shave, and a 5 minute quick charge feature that will get you a full shave should the battery run low make this uniquely placed to win the "coveted" Value Award.

Our Experience

I bought this as a backup travel companion last year. I was looking for a cheap device that was easy to carry and had good battery life so that I wouldn't need to worry on longer trips. I also have a tendency to misplace my shavers on the road...

My colleague suggested the F5-5800 shaver to me and to date, I am more than happy to have it as my travel buddy. Quick charging aside, the best thing I like about this shaver is the fact it makes quick work of any morning stubble. So it resides in my car most of the time. It's a perfect choice for people like me who are travel often or have tight schedules and sometimes shave on the road.


83 %
Cut Rating 7/10
Features 7.5/10
Durability 7/10
Price 10/10

The Good

  • 5 Minute Quick Charge Function
  • Great Budget Foil Shaver
  • Good Build Quality For Money

The Bad

  • Not as Durable As Some Of The Rest
  • Slightly Worse Shave Than The "Best"
  • Not As Stylish As More $$$ Models

#6 Philips Norelco S3310-81

The Philips Norelco S3310-81 is basically the entry level version of the Norelco 5000 shaver. It belongs to the same family of electric shavers, but at a fraction of the price of the others. 

- Great Value Rotary Shaver -

Spec overview

The Philips Norelco S3310 is all about a convenient and easy shave at an affordable price. Philips made this specific model for those who were interested in slightly lower spec features so that they could afford to enter the Norelco series. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot going for it though. The shaver still has a multi-direction contouring system, the only difference being the number of flex heads. The Norelco S5500 shaver has a 5 direction contouring system, where as this one has 4.

  • It offers a very smooth and safe shaving experience with its Comfort Cut Blade mechanism. These blades have round edges that prevent any damage to the skin, yet are effective against the hair.
  • The battery power is pretty strong providing 45 minutes of continuous shaving on a full charge

  • It has a one-touch open system to remove its heads for cleaning. This makes it much more convenient to clean and rinse.

What Makes It Different?

This is a great entry level rotary shaver packed with all the essential features you need - 45 mins shaving time form the inbuilt lithium-ion battery, led display, pop up trimmer, and 4 direction flex head with Phillips comfort cut blade system. This could be a great gift to a teenager, or a good car/travel companion.

Our Experience

The shaver is simple by design and very easy to use. The major drawback was the 8 hour charging time, however it works plugged in so this helps when in a pinch for time. It gives a nice clean, close shave and doesn't irritate the skin, maybe due to the comfort cut system. It doesn't have the wet & dry feature, but it is washable.

If you're looking for something you can take in the shower and that charges quicker, then the 3500 series is the same but with those two features added on. In summary it's a good budget shaver, although I'd recommend getting new blades every 6 or so months to keep it running smoothly.


80 %
Cut Rating 7/10
Features 6.5/10
Durability 8/10
Price 9/10

The Good

  • Easy To Use
  • Great Entry Level Rotary Shaver
  • Good Value For Money
  • Easy To Clean

The Bad

  • ​Long Charge Time
  • Limited Extra Features

#7 Braun Series 3 3040S Wet and Dry

As may have been made clear higher up in the rankings, Braun is one of the best electric shaver brands in the world. A good introduction for most will be the Braun Series 3. The  3040S waterproof shaver covers all the basics and has a surprising amount of features for the price.

- Entry Level Premium Foil Shaver -

Spec overview

The 3040S shaver has an advanced triple-action blade system with microcomb technology, essentially meaning it can pick up those awkward hairs better around the neck. It feeds the hairs into 3 way pressure sensitive cutting elements which are protected by Braun's "Sensofoil".

  • Provides a good close shave resulting in smooth skin with the help of SensoFoil (advanced foil technology)
  • A rubber-ergonomic grip for secure handling which prevents slipping when wet

  • Allows both wet and dry shaving (waterproof technology)

  • LED display for battery power

  • Fully charges in 60 minutes, also has a 5 minute quick charge feature

What Makes It Different?

At this price point all the bases are covered which essentially makes it stand out from the crowd. You get the sought after Braun engineering and quality shave, bundled with what is a great pop out trimmer, wet and dry functionality (for shaving in the shower), a pressure sensitive 3 blade system, 45 minutes of continuous shaving and an LED battery indicator. All that's missing is a charging and cleaning dock.

Our Experience

The 3 series was one of my first Braun shavers, which i ultimately lost after leaving it behind in a hotel room. One of the features I actually miss compared to my current daily, the 7 series, is its pop up trimmer. The size and cutting ability were great for sideburn and runaway neck hair trimming, all of which was easier on the 3040s. Aside from that I really like its design and rubber grip on the sides of the shaver, which makes it easier to use it while in the shower. It really is a great buy and entry point into the Braun shaving world, and as its often under £/$60, it's very affordable.

Why list this and not the 5 Series?

Well, quite simply, price... the 5 Series is around double the price (see here) and you get all the same features and 90% as good of a cut. If I was upgrading from this shaver I'd be jumping straight to the 7 Series.


77 %
Cut Rating 8/10
Features 7.5/10
Durability 7/10
Price 7.5/10

The Good

  • Excellent Flip Out Trimmer
  • Great Braun Entry Foil Shaver
  • Wet & Dry
  • LED Battery Indicator

The Bad

  • Dont Expect This To Last 10 Years
  • Can Take A While For Your Skin To Adjust To Get That Super Close Shave

#8 Panasonic ARC 4 ES-LA63

Panasonic is the main competitor to Braun when it comes to foil electric shavers. The Panasonic ES-LA63 Arc4 shaver is truly a capable device and used to be their flagship. So you get great features, an excellent cut at a mid range price point.

- The Last Gen Panasonic Top Dog -

Spec overview

The Panasonic Arc4 is all about advanced features and specs. The shaver's system runs on 2 motors and has a total of 4 Nanotech blades. These Nanotech blades are honed at 30-degree angle for maximum precision. The Hyper Performance motors running 14000 cuts per minute makes this shaver really powerful. Multiply this by 4 and you get 56,000 cuts in a minute.

  • The multi-flex pivoting head allows a thorough shave as the heads are evenly adjusted depending on the contours of the face, neck, and jaw lines.
  • A pop-up trimmer makes it easier to trim and cut sideburns and mustache. Creating specific designs is much easier.

  • LCD display to keep you posted about the battery status and whether or not it needs to be cleaned.

  • Wet and Dry technology

  • Slit Foil ensures the shaver misses no hair, giving a great, close shave.

What Makes It Different?

The Panasonic Arc4 electric shaver is as stylish as they come. The specs say it all about how powerful it is. Each motor dedicated to a specific job making the machine more precise and efficient. The 30-degree placement of the Nanotech blades is an additional advantage that gives a thorough shave with the help of the Split Foils. The detailed display on LCD makes it easier for you to keep track of the battery timing and condition of the shaver.

Our Experience

The Panasonic Arc4 is one of the most powerful shavers out there. Although this impressive power drains the battery of the shaver faster, the shaving experience is still one of the best. Although it's heavier than other shavers (probably due to the dual-motor system) the design and feel is premium. At a mid range price point there is some stiff competition, but the 4.5 star average review rating from over 2000 reviewers on Amazon may sway your decision.

Many suggest it's great for someone who is susceptible to skin irritation, particularly around the neck.


78 %
Cut Rating 8.5/10
Features 7.5/10
Durability 7.5/10
Price 7/10

The Good

  • Very Close Shave
  • Powerful Motor
  • Good Features

The Bad

  • Battery Life Is Not The Greatest
  • Pretty Heavy

#9 Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Braun continues to claim spots on the top shavers list as the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver takes the 9th place. The M90 mobile shaver is basically a traveling shaver for men who are often on the move. It has a sleek and compact design that enables it to easily fit in pockets as well.

- Best Portable Shaver under $25/£25 -

Spec overview

The Braun M90 mobile shaver isn’t really loaded with lots of features. It mainly meets the purpose of a shaver that can easily be carried for business trips and traveling. Lacking many of the advanced specs and features, the M90 mobile shaver has a very low price. Despite this, the basic functioning is still good enough, keeping true to its Braun namesake.

  • It features a Wide-floating Foil for comfortable and close shaving.
  • The shaver operates on AA-sized batteries.

  • A twist cap on the top keeps the foil safe when the shaver is not in use. You can easily slide it off for use, then slide it back on to cover the foil for storage/travel.

  • The precision trimmer enables the shaver to be suitable for trimming mustaches and sideburns.

  • Easily cleanable with running water.

What Makes It Different?

As mentioned earlier, the Braun M90 mobile shaver is not that big of a deal when it comes to features. However, its specifically designed sleek and compact body is what makes it a perfect pocket-sized shaver. It can easily be carried inside your pockets, without too much of a bulge. The M90's lack of features also make it lighter weight and use less power.

Our Experience

The truth is I bought this shaver more as a novelty than anything else - I wanted to see what results I could get with its more compact package. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the shave quality, even though it will never be one of my favorites. But for last minute shaving on the go, or shaving in a public or office bathroom (hey, sometimes you gotta do it), this is hard to beat due to its portability. I would recommend this for a straight travel razor or a backup, but nothing more. 


73 %
Cut Rating 6/10
Features 7/10
Durability 7/10
Price 10/10

The Good

  • Excellent Portability
  • Great Value
  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable Shave

The Bad

  • Can Take Longer To Shave Thicker Stubble
  • Doesn't Have a Chargeable Battery Built In

#10 Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Shaver

The fight for the top 10 best electric shavers comes to an end with the Panasonic Arc3 shaver at number 10. Panasonic Arc series has really made it big in the market. The features they've offered in the Arc series are pretty advanced. Here’s what the Arc3 shaver is all about.

- Entry Level Premium Foil From Panasonic -

Spec overview

The Arc3 is a lower priced entry in the Arc series by Panasonic. The Arc4 shaver consisted of 4 Nanotech blades whereas the Arc3 shaver has only 3 Nanotech blades. The Arc3 electric shaver also has a high-performance motor that has the ability to perform 13,000 cuts in a minute. It isn’t as powerful as the Arc4 shaver yet it still drives enough power to compete and beat many others in shave speed. The motor maintains its power until the battery is fully exhausted.

  • Comprised of flexible pivoting heads for a close and smooth shave along all your face's contours
  • A thin Arc foil gives a quick and comfortable shave

  • Works for wet or dry shaves

  • Pop-up trimmer for maintaining and trimming sideburns and mustache

  • 10-stage LCD display that shows the battery and shaving head status

What Makes It Different?

The Panasonic Arc3 electric shaver is similar to the Arc4 in most respects. However, it comes at a comparatively lower price and downgraded features. Arc3 is meant for those who are willing to pay less for the same features at a bit of a lower tier. The power being the specialty of the Arc series, Arc3 boasts a decent magnitude of power as well.

Our Experience

I have used both the Panasonic Arc4 and Arc3 shavers. The main difference (other than price) is the overall speed and closeness of the shave. That said, I think the Arc3 is a better value than the Arc4 for what it provides and what it costs.


72 %
Cut Rating 7/10
Features 8/10
Durability 7/10
Price 7/10

The Good

  • Pretty Close Shave
  • Fast Motor
  • Good Entry Level Foil Shaver
  • Good Battery Life

The Bad

  • Noticeable Cutting Difference Compared to Its More Expensive Siblings
  • Not The Cheapest Replacement Parts

Buyer's Guide

There is a lot of technology packed inside these small cutting machines. Knowing which features are essential to you and ones that are just a "nice to have" is important. Below we will go over some of the finer points to consider when weighing the cost to performance ratio against your needs.

Should You Choose A Foil Or A Rotary Shaver?

Straight in with the big question everyone asks and no one can agree on. That's for good reason though, as I personally prefer Foil shavers but the next person will prefer Rotary. So instead of trying to convince you one way or another, let me explain how they both work:

  • Rotary Shavers have rotating cutting heads underneath circular mesh plates that trap and cut off hairs.
  • Foil Shavers have a thin top layer of metal mesh with straight blades underneath that vibrate to cut the hair.​

See, simple... "But what does that actually mean to me?" I hear you say.

It means that these are two different methods to achieve the same goal​, and which one will suit you will often come down to personal preference, while the specific razor you buy will depend on the other features you need and your price range. 

Wet and Dry, What Does It Mean?

Simply whether the shaver be used with water​, i.e in a shower. Nearly all of the high end razors are waterproof, which means you can rinse them under the tap to clean them without worry, however Wet&Dry shavers can be used to shave in the shower.

Battery Life and Charging Times - "Do You Even Charge Bro?"​

First and foremost​ battery life is very important when it comes to electric razors. It's not like a phone where you use it for hours throughout the day and carefully set it to charge every night under your watchful eye next to the bed.

There's nothing worse than grabbing your shaver in the morning before jumping in the car late for work to realize your battery is dead​. Typically you will get 1-2 weeks worth of shaving from the higher end shavers with daily use (depending on how thick your morning stubble is), however there are some shavers that wont make it past 3 days. Be careful when considering this.

Some shavers will come with handy LED​ Digital display or standard led bar displays to give you and indication of how much charge is left.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some cheaper portable devices wont come with a rechargeable​ lithium ion battery built in, this then becomes especially important as you won't want to be replacing your AA batteries every week.

For those shavers that are rechargeable, the​ typical charge time ranges from around 30 minutes - 2 hours to achieve a full charge. While 2 hours may seem like a long time, you can always leave it charging overnight or while you're at work. The key is to do it on a regular enough basis that you don't periodically end up with a dead shaver. Most chargeable razors can he used while plugged in, so that's another option in a pinch.

Charging and Cleaning Stations: To Dock or Not To Dock?​

While many people will argue that the cleaning fluid is expensive (they are right), nothing beats a "like new" shave everytime you pick up your razor. That lemony/sterile smell may come at a cost, but if you're sensible you can make each "refill" last a while.

Some things i do in particular is only dock the shaver every 3 days and simply rinse my shaver after use as the "freshness" lasts a few shaves and the battery life can certainly handle it.​ Another tip is to reseal the cap over the top of the liquid container if you are going away as this will stop any unnecessary evaporation.

​With just these 2 steps, your razor will stay fresh and the liquid will last much longer.

Pop-Up Trimmers, are they important?

Yes and No...

If you have particularly thick stubble, or you've "slacked off" for a few days and lived wild so to speak, then the trimmer can come in handy to take some of the length off of your beard before going full razor mode (this stops any hair pulling you may get otherwise).

It's also useful for tidying up sideburns and keeping your budding Dukes Of Hazards mustache in check.

Ultimately though if you want to sport the next 'Ron Burgandy" or have exceptionally quick growing, thick stubble, then a dedicated beard trimmer/styler would suit that role better alongside your electric shaver.

Common Questions

Are electric shavers good for the skin?
  • As a rule of thumb, electric shavers suit sensitive skin better as there is almost no way you can cut or catch yourself with the razor. Add in almost no “razor burn”, especially after a few days frequent use (while your skin adjusts) and you will wonder why you didn’t switch earlier. It’s important to reiterate that especially over the first few days your face may feel “irritated” while it adjusts to the new shaver.

Are electric shavers allowed on planes or in cabin baggage?
  • ​In the US and UK, electric shavers are allowed both in your cargo(checked) luggage, but also can be taken onto the airplane. There are exceptions when it comes to other types of shaving equipment though, like straight razors and safety razors - These are not allowed onboard a flight.

Are electric shavers painful?
  • ​At first a new electric shaver can feel a little uncomfortable as your skin adjusts to the new shaver. However after a few days your skin will adjust you will definitely notice how much easier and less painful using an electric shaver can be vs a wet shave with a razor. 
  • There is almost no chance of cutting yourself and “razor burn” all but disappears.
  • The one thing to be mindful of is using your shaver without trimming down several days growth. This is when “pulling” or catching can happen. Most modern electric shavers have pop out trimmers so you can take the top off to avoid this problem.

How long do electric shavers last?
  • For the most part you should expect your electric shaver's battery to last 3-5 years.
  • The most premium shavers though are designed to last 5-8 years or more.
  • What you will have to change every year or so is the shaving head, as this can become blunt over time.

Are electric shavers better for acne?
  • In general yes, the right electric foil shaver that caters to sensitive skin like the “” will provide a less painful and safer shave for someone with Acne. Dealing with Acne vulgaris can be stressful at the best of times, and while the shave won’t always be as close with lower end shavers, the right one will certainly be more comfortable and easier on your skin. You can read other people’s opinions here.

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